Visit St. James Square on Saturday, June 17, 2017 to see Montreal artist Kevin Ledo’s live painting of Canadians’ wishes for our nation’s future. Canada’s #150PlusWishes inspires hope for a future that is bright and full of possibility. Join us in the celebration!



Kevin Ledo

artist kevin ledo

Kevin Ledo is a mural artist who aims to create visually bold, and iconic compositions, focusing on portraiture and the human form interlaced with stylized abstract forms. Kevin’s murals are often celebrations of people and diversity and aim to relate to the communities they are found, while speaking to the international flavour of Canada’s culture and history.

Kevin was born and raised in Montreal by Portuguese parents, and has had the opportunity to live in various towns and cities across Canada, as well as in Taiwan, China and Central America.

artist sample

Kevin Ledo
Simple Joy
Created at the Starbucks #150PlusWishes event in Montreal on June 17, 2017


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St. James Square

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June 17, 2017
10AM – 7PM

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June 17, 2017
10AM – 7PM